The Ugly Thimble from Cathy's Creations

About Cathy

I am a mother of five, and an English Mastiff.

I love to read, and am one of those who's children have learned to speak softly while I am reading and I will say yes to almost anything.

I have sewn most of my life, skirts, pajama pants nothing fancy.  Cross stitch is a favorite past time and so is crochet.

I started quilting 7 years ago and discovered I loved it. I also, discovered I love to hand quilt. Hand quilting is soothing for me. Only I could not find a thimble that worked for me, being self taught, I tend to push the needle with the side of my finger.  I resorted to band-aiding a dime to my finger. 

With some experimenting I came up with the ugly thimble.