Getting started

You are going to make this as tight as you can. It will stretch after the first couple uses and fit perfectly, when it stretches to much, pull it apart and glue it tighter. 


Where does the needle hit your finger?

Now you take the time to discover where the needle hits your finger, and trim the plastic part accordingly.  The picture shows a couple of ways to trim the plastic finger protector.


Ready to Begin

This is your custom fit thimble. Make it yours, take the time to be sure the thimble fits your finger the best way possible,  while the glue is still wet you have time to adjust.  You can also adjust after you have used it and discover you need to move something.   



The kit

In your kit you have, a leather thimble, (the big leather piece), glue, (the purple, or white, stuff), a plastic finger protector, (the oval piece of plastic), and a leather finger protector, (the round piece of leather).  The glue is washable school glue. 


First couple of steps


 This is where you can customize the thimble. Chose which side of the leather you want inside, against your finger.  Place the finger guard where you push the needle through. Towards the top if you push from the top. To the side if you push with the side. Trim the plastic guard if you need to make it fit better. Play around with it, then glue the plastic finger guard on the thimble piece.


  Glue the leather finger guard over the plastic guard.   Take the time now to wrap the thimble around your finger playing with how it will all go together when you glue it. Get a feel for the fit of your thimble. Trim as needed for a comfortable fit.  Round the corners, get rid of excess leather so when you wrap it around your finger, you can get it nice and tight. 


Now for the sticky part


Put glue on the right side of the leather strip. Starting with the left side wrap the leather both sides around your finger, making it tight and comfortable. Pull the top over your finger and hold for a minute. Slide the thimble off to dry, in case you have glued your finger into it.



Your fingers will get sticky. If you aren’t happy with the fit of your thimble, just pull it apart and try it again, even if the glue has dried for a while. Refit the thimble as often as needed till it fits perfect while sewing. It will stretch so you will need to tighten occasionally.

If you find the thimble sliding off your finger, trim the bottom of the thimble so it sits above your knuckle crease. 



The leather strip is extra big to fit all fingers including your thumb.

Warning: The needle guard is plastic, and with enough force you can send the needle though the guard.